Sunday, 19 May 2013

Gay Marriage: For The Sake Of Our Dinosaur Children

David Cameron's support for gay marriage has made winning the general election "virtually impossible", Conservative activists have said.
In a letter to the PM, more than 30 past and present local party chairmen warned his backing for a change of law had led to voters switching to UKIP.
They said many would not return unless the plans were abandoned "or the party leadership changed"...
The letter to Mr Cameron was organised by the Conservative Grassroots umbrella group.
Its chairman Bob Woollard said: "The prime minister's bizarre drive to ram this legislation through Parliament, without any democratic mandate and without the support of party members, has been a disaster and has driven thousands of voters to UKIP.
"The marriage-based family is at the heart of Conservatism.
"This dilution and unravelling of marriage has de-motivated many ordinary, loyal Conservative Party members and has undermined their years of hard work for something they believed in.
"It makes winning the next election virtually impossible... For the sake of our children they should also strengthen conventional marriage."

BBC News

How very interesting.
Is anyone surprised this is what your actual Conservative local party chairmen think?
The Sun Sunday is claiming an "EXCLUSIVE" on this.
It isn't, really.
Also looks like the tiresome/tireless activists at Conservative Grassroots weren't together enough to get their letter in any of Sunday's papers.
The full text is on Conservative Grassroots fun-packed website.
There are six points - all too boring and/or flaky for words, especially on a Sunday morning.
Though Fagburn particularly liked them claiming gay marriage has alienated Muslims and ethnic minorities, two groups that I'm sure all the signatories care deeply about.

The Independent On Sunday's Schrank with a new take on the cartoonists' favourite Coalition cliche, Cameron and Clegg as a gay couple.

And finally, competition time!
Can you count all the articles on the Sunday/Daily Telegraph website today about some variation of the following: Cameron, Coalition, Conservatives, Europe, gay marriage, Grassroots "Loons", Lib Dems, "metropolitan elite", "ordinary voters", "out of touch", referendum, Ukip etc etc? 
Winner wins a gay windfarm.

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