Thursday, 30 May 2013

Gay Marriage: The Root Cause Of Anarchy

Perhaps a (double) first today as the Daily Express celebrates France's first gay marriage with a photo of two fellas kissing!
But are the readers happy?

"It is right those in same-gender relationships are no longer victims of over-zealous law enforcement and blackmail; but are we ready for this in-your-face homo-eroticism, and desecration holy matrimony??? Politicians have become willing puppets in thumbing their noses at what is decent and respectable; and they are becoming bolder in their contempt. It is high time we started identifying the root causes of this anarchy" - Ekimwar.

Vous ne pourriez pas le faire jusqu'à etc etc.

Update: 'France is marching against markets, not homosexuality' - Financial Times. Worth reading, but concludes with l'anicinne "it's an out-of-touch political elite" line.


  1. Love your French, Fagburn. Do give us more. Come to think of it, the Daily Express might sound better if someone ran it through Google Translate:

    Il est juste à ceux du même sexe relations ne sont plus des victimes de la répression excès de zèle et de chantage, mais sommes-nous prêts pour cette in-your-face homo-érotisme, et la profanation liens sacrés du mariage?? Les politiciens sont devenus des marionnettes consentantes et agissant dans un pied de nez à ce qui est décent et respectable, et ils sont de plus en plus audacieux dans leur mépris. Il est grand temps que nous commencions identifier les causes profondes de cette anarchie

  2. Hope I don't get rumbled and someone points out it's actually all gibberish. :)


    1. Are you referring to your French or The Daily Express?

    2. Les deux, bien sûr, mon ami!