Friday, 17 May 2013

Gaydar: Alright Mate, How You Doing? can exclusively reveal British TV producer Charlie Parsons, who created Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast and The Word, has added global dating site to his business portfolio.
He has become the majority shareholder.
Parsons, 54, famously co-founded the production company Planet 24 with his civil partner and Labour peer Lord Waheed Alli...
QSoft Consulting, the former owner of dating site, announced in May 2012 it was seeking a “significant cash investment” to fund its “ambition for global growth”.
The company said at the time it had received a “number of recent investment inquiries” with Ashcombe Advisers appointed to assist in any deal. 
At the start of the year, QSoft Consulting announced the closure of GaydarRadio, its former dance and LGBT-orientated digital radio station... 
Just days after shutting GaydarRadio, QSoft Consulting, announced the closure of its central London bar, Profile, after it was revealed Bar Profile Limited had a debt of £2,953,452...

Pink News.

Co-founder Harry Badenhorst has also left the company - here's the official statement on the Gaydar blog.
Some may be reminded of the saga of - once America's most popular "gay dating site".
For many years, they were making like bum bandits, then it all went a bit tits-up as gay men switched to a newer model - mainly Manhunt - that offered a better, more modern service.
Cue endless relaunches, new investors, and mergers - they are now owned by Here Media, who own a heck of a lot of the gay media in the US.
In recent years over here, Grindr's popularity has really buggered Gaydar's over.
Gaydar are now pushing their mobile app to compete.
I wouldn't be surprised if their actual "gay dating/euphemism site" is still making plenty handbag, but will websites like this soon end up looking as old-fashioned and obsolete as ye olde gay money-trees phone chatlines and newspaper contact ads?
Wonder if anyone warned them this is how capitalism works?