Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lucy Meadows: Shame On All Of You

A coroner told the press "shame on all of you" as he ruled that a primary school teacher had killed herself after her gender reassignment became national news.
Michael Singleton, coroner for Blackburn, Hyndburn and Rossendale, singled out the Daily Mail as he accused the paper of "ridicule and humiliation" and a "character assassination" of Lucy Meadows, 32, who took her own life in March.
He urged the government to implement the recommendations of the Leveson report on press intrusion as he criticised the "sensational and salacious" press coverage. Delivering a verdict of suicide, he told the inquest into her death he was appalled at media reports about Meadows.
As he closed the inquest, he turned to the reporters present and said: "And to you the press, I say shame, shame on all of you."

The Guardian

Screengrab via The Media Blog
Although; "In a note she left, she made no mention of press intrusion, citing instead her debts, a number of bereavements including the death of her parents, and her stressful job as a primary school teacher" (ibid), Lucy Meadows had complained to the PCC in January.
Whatever, Richard Littlejohn and the Mail's coverage was disgusting - though tragically it seems to be pretty much the standard in reporting trans issues these days. 

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