Saturday, 25 May 2013

Lunch With The FT: "I Hate This Hotel!"

"It’s grotesque! I hate this hotel!” says Sir John Richardson as I enter a fourth-floor suite giving on to a sweeping vista of the Thames and the London Eye. “I’m in my 90th year but this place makes me feel 100.”
Dressed in a grey jacket with dashing crimson border, cream shirt, black slacks and bright red slippers, the writer shuffles disconsolately around the huge living room. He can work neither the light switches nor the telephone at the five-star Corinthia Hotel, which means he has not been able to order breakfast. His boyfriend, a former footman at Buckingham Palace and “a hero”, normally looks after these things but he has gone out...

FT Weekend continues its bold quest to have lunch - here, technically, breakfast - with every gay man in the world by dining with 89 year-old art historian, John Richardson - the thinking queen's Brian Sewell. 

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