Sunday, 26 May 2013

Marriage Bill: Democracy In Action

Peers expect the Upper’s House debate over same sex weddings will go through the night or even into a second day, with a key vote that could scupper the policy regarded as “too close to call”.
The former head of the British army Lord Dannatt and Lord Lothian, a former Conservative Party chairman better known as Michael Ancram, are amongst those set to criticise the draft legislation in next Monday’s session.
Other opponents will include Lord Waddington, a former Home Secretary, Lord Luce, who served as a minister in Baroness Thatcher’s government, and Lord Singh of Wimbledon, a respected figure in the Sikh community.
The Sunday Telegraph has also established that the senior Tory Baroness Warsi, a practising Muslim, refused to lead the bill through the House of Lords when asked to do so by David Cameron, the Prime Minister.
Some peers believe dozens Lords who rarely attend Parliament will flock to Westminster to make their position on homosexual marriage clear...

Sunday Telegraph.  
Think that's all we need to know, thanks.

PS You might also enjoy this gloriously barking piece from The Telegraph by Christopher Booker which EXPOSES gay marriage as a colossal fraud foisted on the nation by the Bilderberg Group and some shape-shifting reptiles. Or something. 

Screengrab of the Lords last week by Martin Rossiter.


  1. The Booker piece reads as though it might be trying to warn us against something called The Protocols of the Elders of Sodom.

    1. We're all going to look pretty silly if he's right, you know.