Monday, 20 May 2013

Marriage: Looney Tunes

What are Tories who think gay marriage will cost Cameron the election if not mad, swivel-eyed loons?
The pot-holed economy, sick NHS, damaged schools and bedroom tax are why this PM should be shown the door.
My 27-year marriage to my wife isn’t threatened by letting Adam and Steve wed too. If you don’t believe in same-sex marriage, don’t marry someone of the same sex.
On Radio 4 yesterday I was shocked when Baroness Trumpington, an otherwise delightful old lady, went out of her way to denounce gay marriage.
The Tory revolt is fresh evidence of the eclipse of Cameroonism and denounced Dave’s isolation.
He shot the huskies by abandoning the environment.
These days he handcuffs not hugs the hoodies.
The self-anointed Heir to Blair has switched to calling himself a Child of Thatcher, wrongly claiming we’re all Thatcherites now.
Cameron’s wedded to gay marriage because he knows to divorce himself from it now would be more damaging than an unhappy relationship.
A Tory Right blinded by personal hatred cannot see how Right-wing the PM is on the big economic and political issues.
The blame rests with a leader who tried to be all things to all people and finished by satisfying none.

Kevin Maguire in the Mirror.

And finally, to The Sun's take on the most pressing political issues of the day.
Though, somewhat incongruously, they concluded their article with some of the least hysterical - even boring - words of the day.
"The bill is likely to pass through the Commons on Tuesday with Labour and Lib Dem support."

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