Sunday, 19 May 2013

Mr Anti-Gay UK 2013: Our 6 Gorgeous Finalists!

Having missed the last post yesterday, here's the big guns from Conservative Grassroots hand-delivering their letter about gay marriage to Number 10 earlier this afternoon.
Phwoar! These loons are certainly a sight for swivel-eyes, eh boys?
And what a wonderful cross-section of modern Britain these chaps represent, too.
I hope David Cameron doesn't just put the letter in a drawer along with that last gas bill, and wait til he gets a reminder.

PS Fagburn is now running a sweepstake on which one of the above creepy right-wing cnuts is most likely to be caught up in a torrid gay sex scandal first* - drop me an email. 

* Whilst there's much evidence that those who protest the loudest about The Gays often harbour secret homosexual urges, I'm sure most of these honourable gentlemen's obsessive opposition to gay marriage is for more simple reasons; they just hate poofs. 

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