Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Paul O'Grady: Sissygate

CHAT show host Paul O’Grady has launched a scathing attack on reality show hopefuls – branding them wimps.

The funnyman slated contestants on Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice as “sissies”, who come armed with sob stories.He said: “I get so annoyed as they are crying over nothing. It’s a competition.
“Stop standing there whinging, it’s pathetic. Toughen up.
“Just because Tom Jones has said, ‘You have a nice enough voice but you aren’t for me’, don’t burst into tears. Get over yourself. They aren’t even cruel on The Voice, they are really gentle and the most respectful judges I’ve ever seen...

The Sun.

Note this is The Sun and they don't have a quote where Paul actually says "sissies".
Can't find a source, so the headline might be balls.
Hope he's not gone all Bret Easton Ellis. 

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