Sunday, 26 May 2013

Richard Coles: "The Atheist's Favourite Priest"

I was rather weirdly chaste and nervous, while Jimmy [Somerville] was anything but. Our relationship was not…" He frowns. "Do you know, I can't remember whether we ever had sex." If he was chaste, then presumably they didn't? He laughs. "Yes, well, but you know, the occasional slip…" Would Somerville remember whether they ever had sex? "No, certainly not. Anyway, whether we did or we didn't do was immaterial to our friendship. We were young gay men in the 1980s, a very political time, and we had a common purpose: to bring Margaret Thatcher down with pop music."

Rev Richard Coles is profiled in The Independent On Sunday - note the journalist's presumption that all gay men must be fucking.
Former Communard and wild child, current vicar and broadcaster, and - eek - "trembling on the brink of national treasuredom."
"I just hope I don't fuck it all up," he says, "I suppose I could do so at any moment, couldn't I? It could happen here, now, with you."