Saturday, 18 May 2013

Swivel-Eyed Loons: Is It A '-Gate', Yet?

And so... a predictable circlejerk of speculation today on Twitter and the internet about which senior Tory had allegedly (etc etc) said that most Tory Party activists were "mad swivel-eyed loons" opposed to and obsessed with Europe and gay marriage [See below- other media accounts are available].
On Saturday afternoon the Conservative party chairman, Lord Feldman, issued a statement denying it was him, and saying he was "taking legal advice". 
The virtual world is a great source of misinformation, and here Andrew Feldman - as he's "part of Cameron's inner circle" and papers didn't state the comment had been made by an MP (though none said it wasn't either) - made him a front-runner in a rather tiny group.
That the person was not named - and the Telegraph don't seem to have done the done thing and asked any of the most obvious candidates if it was them first, though it was pretty obvious "someone" would soon be "outed" - suggests mischief-making and a power struggle within the Tory Party.
Or it could possibly be Ukip behind this.
Buggered if I know.
Whatever, the issues here are gay marriage and Europe, and how they're tearing the Tories apart.
Ha bloody ha!

Update: #loongate seems to have trumped #swivelgate. 

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  1. It was supposed to have been said at a lunch with journalists.
    A long one?