Saturday, 18 May 2013

Telegraph: Who Knew?!!

PM’s ally: our party activists are 'loons’

Grassroots Conservative activists are “mad swivel-eyed loons” who are forcing Tory MPs to take extremist positions opposing gay marriage and Europe, one of David Cameron’s closest allies has said. 

The Daily Telegraph.

Also picked up by The Daily Mirror, The Daily Express, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Times, who like the Telegraph, "declined to name the senior member of the prime minister's circle."
According to The Guardian; "The senior Tory made the remarks – in earshot of journalists – after being asked about the decision of 116 Tory MPs to defy the prime minister and vote in favour of an amendment regretting the absence of a EU referendum in the Queen's speech...
"The senior figure is expected to be named on Saturday."
I've no idea who it is, but I note no paper has stated that he's an MP.
More in the morning...

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