Friday, 31 May 2013

Telegraph: The Wrong Kind Of Marriage

Gay marriage has been an odd compromise, a peculiar fusion of liberal and conservative values. It has allowed the Prime Minister to reprise his marital theme, albeit with a new twist. Conservatives should not just tolerate same-sex weddings, he says, but insist upon them. Yet he has failed to do the obvious thing: accompany the gay-marriage legislation with measures to strengthen marriage in general. It would have given him political cover to implement a tricky manifesto pledge (to recognise marriage in the tax system), and helped to repair relations with his party. Yet he chose not to, for reasons that still baffle some of his closest allies...

Fraser Nelson - he's the editor of The Spectator who's on Question Time too much and who Tory matriarchs probably think is "rather dishy" - banging on again in the Daily Telegraph.
Odd that he seems to be saying the best argument for the holy institution of marriage is tax-breaks.
There's also a number of wonderfully barking letters in the Telegraph today explaining why Christians who opposed apartheid and slavery should also be opposed to gay marriage. 

PS The Marriage Bill will be debated in the Lords again on Monday - to be continued Tuesday if they won't shut up - or all nod off. 
George Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury - who gets a free seat in the Lords for services to the Great Sky Pixie - is already gearing up by saying gay marriage will lead to sibling marriage and polygamy - like they have in the Bible.  

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