Thursday, 16 May 2013

Vicious: Sitcom Hell

It is with a heart as heavy as plutonium, that I hear according to Digital Spy Derek Jacobi says they're thinking about a second series of Vicious.
Thankfully, it's not clear if one has actually been commissioned. 
"It's a whole new world for me - I'm in sitcom hell now! We've done a Christmas special to remind people that we're still around, because Ian, of course, is a movie star.
"He goes off and does the movies, and he's not free now - God damn him - 'til this time next year, so we can't do another one until he's free."
Paul O'Grady has some advice - the vicious old queens weren't vicious enough.
“I think it needs livening up a bit.
“I know theatrical queens I’m terrified of. It’s like going into a shark pit.
“I can hold my own, but they scare me.” 
It also wasn't good enough.
The reception to Vicious was so hostile, and viewing figures promptly plummeted, you wonder if anyone will commission a "gay sitcom" again in the next few decades.
Though maybe Russell Tovey and Danny Miller should make one about a young gay couple who are too busy shagging like buggery to bother making a load of lame and tired queeny put-downs, THAT'S IF YOU ASK ME, MR ITV!

PS And it's bad news for Nick Grimshaw...


  1. More biased crap.
    There were a lot of good reviews, as I pointed out on here.
    And viewing figures dropped off, so what; it still got a healthy share in the following weeks.
    I really do wonder now how much of what you write on here is biased and without actual knowledge of the subject.
    The scales hath fallen from mine eyes.

    Still, it's nice to know underneath all the pretend working class radicalism, beats the heart of a reactionary snob.
    "Patrick! I say, Patrick! More canapes?"

    1. None so blind as those who don't want to see.

      Vicious indeed.

  2. When I eventually finish watching twin peaks I might give it a go. Have you seen I'm So Excited yet? It's fantastic.