Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Andrew Pierce: Will Never Marry

In the UK, Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce says that for speaking out against gay marriage in the past, he has been attacked as a homophobe and Uncle Tom, despite a long history of championing gay rights [sic].
He strongly believes that civil partnerships - introduced in 2005 to give same-sex couples equal legal rights - are enough.
"We've got marriage, it's called a civil partnership and I rejoice in the fact that people like me who are different from straight people can do something they can't. I relish that."
He thinks there are more gay people in agreement with him than people may think - at a dinner party he hosted for 11 gay friends, only one was in favour of marriage, one was undecided and the rest were against, he says...

Andrew Pierce, quoted in an article in BBC News Magazine online; The Gay People Against Gay Marriage. 
I know the interweb is international, but it seems strange all the other voices are American.
And, unlike, Uncle Tom Pierce they seemed to have well-thought out, valid arguments. 
Although - obviously - eleven posh queens at one of Auntie Andrew's dinner parties is a really representative sample of the world of the gay, I would have thought they'd be exactly the sort of pooves who loved gay marriage.

PS Little parlour game, try Googling: Andrew Pierce Uncle Tom. 

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