Saturday, 8 June 2013

Baroness Knight: The Pantomime Dame

“One newspaper pilloried me for saying that homosexuals are artistic people, they’re very loving people – well, I was only saying what I believe, from my own homosexual friends,” she told The Independent. But are gays really “good at antiques”? “Oh, they’re wonderful, wonderful,” she replied. Does she know many antique dealers? “Several.” And are they all gay?  “I know two that were, yes. It’s not a question that seems to me to be my business to ask.
“Three people coming in this morning said ‘You’ve got to see the papers’. ‘Which papers?’ I said. ‘The Metro,’ they said. I said: ‘Where the dickens do you get the Metro?’ ‘The Tube,’ they said. I said: ‘But I’m not going on the Tube.’ So I don’t know what they wrote. I expect it was very rude.”

Baroness Knight, 89, much-loved comedy turn, interviewed by The Independent. 

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