Thursday, 6 June 2013

Stephen Fry: What A World, What A World

Stephen Fry attempted suicide while filming a documentary about what it means to be gay in different parts of the world, it has been revealed.
During the making of a documentary for the BBC the TV personality and author met a range of people promoting gay rights, but also challenged those who oppose them, including United States campaigners claiming to be able to cure homosexuality.
He visited Russia, America and Uganda for the series exploring how the lives of men and women in different communities  have been impacted by their sexuality.
Fry revealed yesterday that during the making of this film last year he took an overdose of pills of and alcohol while alone in a hotel room...

The Independent.

To try and kill yourself once may be regarded as a grave misfortune.
To try twice looks like a sense of utter hopelessness.
Even for an outwardly very successful and funny "national treasure"...
Stephen Fry is president of Mind, who can help if you have mental health issues

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