Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cristina Odone: Christian Ordure

It's become a familiar pattern. The man in the public eye comes out against gays – and then comes out as gay himself. We've seen it with televangelist Billy James Hargis and more recently with Cardinal Keith O'Brien. Now it's the turn of Alan Chambers, who has been running the Exodus International ministry for 37 years. The "pray the gay away" minister has had to admit that actually he IS gay. He's gone on to apologise to any of those whose life he has made a misery...

Liberals today, on both sides of the Atlantic, take it for granted that everyone loves being gay. They are wrong. The Alan Chambers of this world do exist – and they are everywhere. We should have pity for them.

Cristina Odone in the Daily Telegraph.

Leading Catholic loon Cristina holds the record - after Brendan O'Neill - for writing the most articles against gay marriage.
Maybe she IS secretly a gay man?

Update: Queerty does a list of ex-ex-gays.

Update2: 'When Anti-Gay Bigotry Is Just Another Lock on The Closet: Is it surprising that those obsessed with gay sex may have a fondness for men?' Owen Jones, Independent.

I admire much of Owen Jones' writing, but, one thing about being gay and getting older is you feel you've read articles on themes likes this 10,000 times before.

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