Monday, 24 June 2013

Daily MIrror: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Daily Mirror.

Mentioned in passing; he was "caught in a newspaper sting" - actually by the News Of The World!
Anthony Russell has always disputed the paper's versions of events.
The Greenhouse is a sauna, not a brothel.

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  1. I couldn't give two fucks if he had Polish rent boys shit in his mouth every night, but it's surely dishonest to describe a gay sauna as a brothel? Hiring prozzies is a bit more of a conflict with being a judge than just engaging in some pitch black sword swallowing. Plus, WORST OF ALL, they mix up the title of a Recorder with being an honorary Recorder:

    "The part-time Recorder of Bolton and eminent QC quit after his trip to the sauna was exposed in a newspaper sting."

    A Recorder sits part time. The Recorder of Bolton is a full time job. FOR FUCK'S SAKE.