Friday, 28 June 2013

David Cameron: Hello Proud Gays!

Hi gayers!
And not forgetting the gay ladies!
David Cameron PM here writing in support of the Gay Pride in London.
Well, obviously no-one really believes I actually write these things, it was done by my one of trusted aides, and my only contribution was putting a tick on it after a busy day making poor people's lives more miserable.
So, anyway, Pride! Yay, yah!
It's great - sorry I can't be there, but I don't give really two hoots either way, to be honest.
But while I'm playing polo in Chipping Norton, blow your rainbow whistles with pride!
[Off message joke about bumsex redacted].
Have I mentioned gay marriage, yet?
That was me.
So don't forget to vote for me next time, eh?
Even though most Tory MPs didn't vote for it - cause they still think you're bestial scum.
And remember, love is love.
And rimming is rimming.
And meaningless platitudes from politicians make the world go round.



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