Saturday, 22 June 2013

Diane Abbott: The Big Interview

Thanks for coming here, Diane.
Okay, interesting point of view there, may I ask why?
"BAN PORN! Stop boys playing with their willies."
You sent your son to a public school, didn't you?
"Yes. It was a difficult decision, but I thought it was best to let him play with other boys' willies. BAN PORN!"
Do you think you sound like a patronising public school matron who has no understanding of male sexuality?
"It's pornification."
What on Jupiter does that meaningless twaddle mean?
"Dunno, just made it up. BAN PORN!"
Diane Abbott MP, thank you.


  1. I thought she was one of your heroes. :(

  2. She _is_ one of his heroes. You should see the way he treats his villains

  3. I like her, wanted her to be Labour leader. I just think this porn hysteria is dumb.

    PS She has now blocked me on Twitter. :(