Thursday, 27 June 2013

DOMA: Huzzah For Hollywood!

Not long after the Supreme Court ruled in support of gay marriage Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a simple congratulations to "everyone. And I mean everyone." But she could have added: in Hollywood.
For while the landmark decision may have thrilled gay rights activists and vexed opponents of gay marriage, the news otherwise didn't have the thunderclap moment of court cases such as Brown v. Board of Education or Roe v. Wade.
Why? The nation's pop culture machine has for decades now chipped away at a once taboo topic so as to render it utterly familiar. Whether it's the antics of two gay men in the hit ABC comedy Modern Family or the brazen but heartfelt sexuality on display in HBO's Behind the Candelabra, same-sex unions seem – at least on screen and on stage – to be an entrenched part of our federal union...

USA Today.

Can freedom be won by sitting round watching television?
They quote Harvey Fierstein; "The psychology of television is that it's in your house, you're in your underwear. It's very intimate. So the exposure of gay people – no matter what they are – it shows them as the norm, as a normal part of life. All of those things really do add up."
They're also whooping it up over on E! Online with Gay Marriage: A Look At Same-Sex Loving Characters In Movies.
"Looking for a way to celebrate the end of DOMA? How about a movie night?"
We're here! We're same-sex loving! And we're going to the multiplex!

In a second feature E! has a better idea; "What better way to celebrate the overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act than with a gay TV wedding? With lots of them!
"In honor of this historic day, we pulled together a list of gay TV couples whose weddings we want to see (and attend!) come the fall season, so break out your formalwear and start dusting off your dancing shoes, 'cause we're heading to the chapel..."
Front runners are - go on, guess - Kurt and Blaine from Glee (remember when that was a "thing"?), and Mitch and Cam from Modern Family.
Hollywood Reporter reports that series co-creator, Christopher Lloyd, thinks post-DOMA Mitch and Cam getting hitched is "a real possibility".
I guess gushing features like these do support Fierstein's thesis of popular cultural normalisation, merely by being run on the big US meeja with barely a squeak.
At least Queerty's Hollywood's Gay Marriage Conspiracy: It Worked! went through all this - again - with a sense of irony and perspective.

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  1. That pic of Kurt and Blaine is adorable!
    Seems like such a long time ago that Glee was, as you say, a "thing".