Thursday, 27 June 2013

DOMA: The Morning After

Today's gay coverage is dominated by the over-turning of DOMA, natch.
Everyone seems ever so excited.
Even in papers otherwise opposed to gay marriage.
The Daily Mail declared Victory For Gay Marriage - one of nine, positive, items on Mail Online.
The Telegraph had a photo-gallery.
Lots of jubilant proud poshgays beneath rainbow flags, that sort of thing.
Including the delightful one above; "Colby Melvin, left, and Brandon Brown embrace after the ruling".
That'll be Colby and Brandon the, err, "adult actors and models", then.
Exciting times!


  1. Some of them gays in the Torygraph gallery don't look that posh to me...

  2. Yup. They starred in a video called Jockstrap Cowboys, apparently

  3. Good for them. Don't sexy pornstars who do drugs and sex all day long deserve to be as happy as the rest of us???


    1. What if they are just shooting a porny movie and it's all FAKE!

    2. Happy?

      If society held the view that marriage made people happy, it wouldn't have allowed no-fault divorce and we'd be pouring buckets of water upon divorcees as they left their house in the morning to remind them of their shame:

      'Oy you divorcee: DIDN'T you want to be happy??!!'

      Happiness. Indeed. That marriage brings happiness is the weakest argument for same sex marriage there is.

      I just cannot believe how people can accept the misery of marriage for heterosexual people yet totally ignore this when it comes to gay people.

      It's almost as if the soiled romantic dreams of heterosexuals are now being handed over to gay people for them to wash clean again.

      I don't know about you but this makes me uneasy: what if gay people fail to make the transition from social outcast to cute, fluffy bunny rabbits?

    3. If you're referring to my comment, it was a joke. :)

  4. Maybe they, are we, have a right to be happy, or to try to be happy, but that doesn't mean that we or they *deserve* it.

    Why this modern mania for presenting what people should have as something they *deserve*? ("Our children deserve the very best education," when the horrible little buggers don't deserve anything at all; though they *are* entitled to it...)

    Probably something to do with capitalism trying to get us to by hair stuff because "you're worth it".