Friday, 7 June 2013

Drugs: Hysteria

A story taken from the in no way sensationalist and 100% completely reliable Vice.
Oh noes the gays are fucking themselves to death and we're all going to die!!!
The first UK article warning about how crystal meth is ravaging the gay scene appeared in Phase magazine in 1994.
That year again... 1994.
They have appeared yearly in the gay and straight press ever since.
Funny it hasn't happened yet.
Still I guess it's hard to pitch an article about something that's not actually happening.
I asked "someone" who wrote an expose feature for Attitude about how meth was taking over the London gay scene, and, when prompted, he told me he never actually went to gay clubs.
Odd that these things become such an issue of concern for people who know nothing about drugs.
Or gay men.

Hard to pick a favourite quote from this orgasm of balls above but here goes.
"According to David Stuart, director of Antidote, London’s only LGBT-specific drug and alcohol support service, gay men are partaking in this high-risk behavior because they “feel their sex is ‘diseased’ or sinful—the kind their parents disapprove of.” 

"If we say this is a bigger problem than it is can we have some more funding, please?" he probably didn't add.

Just say no... to right-wing drug hysteria - William Burroughs.

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