Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Fagburn: On Pornography

Oh, fuck you and your new climate of hysteria.
There is nothing obscene about the human body.
Banning Page 3 won't change anything.
Where's your problem with people wanting to look at other people in the nud, or doing it?
If your young son wants to find porn - which he probably does - he'll find it.
Masturbation is not a crime.
But let's ban everything just to be sure.

Update: 'Are you offended by sexualised imagery on magazine stands and t-shirts? Send us your photos' - The Guardian grabs irony by the scruff of the neck and gives it a good kicking.

Update2: Online porn is "evil" - Daily Telegraph.

Update3: 'Online porn is a crisis which must be tackled' - The Independent. An article about Stuart Hall, that has nothing to do with online porn. Genius.

Update4: 'Don't allow TVs or computers in children's bedrooms - Education minister' - Daily Mail.

Update5: Pornography And The Internet, The Moral Maze, Radio 4. Claire Fox, Jerry Barnett and Myles Jackman take on prudebores Melanie Phillips, Reg Bailey and Rev Giles Fraser. Guess who wins?

Update6: 'Former children's television presenter Lady [Floella]Benjamin called on the government to take action on the issue in the House of Lords' - BBC News. Hysteria, hysteria...


  1. "Masturbation is not a crime" - yet!

  2. Why is Floella Benjamin in the House of Lords but Andi Peters is not???