Friday, 21 June 2013

Film Pitch: Death In Venice (Remake)

'Lured by those eyes, led on the leading-string of his own passion and folly, utterly love-sick he stole upon the footsteps of his unseemly hope and at the end found himself cheated.'

On a visit to Venice/Brighton the ageing writer Gustav von Fagburn encounters a young Olympic medal-winning diver by whose beauty he becomes obsessed.
Bewitched and agonised, he desires to please...
Using the stifling atmosphere of Brighton - what with the bin men being on strike and that - to heighten the unbearable sense of oppression, this is a sensitive and haunting portrayal of blind passion.
But perhaps this is a love that cannot be?
Swirling music by Mahler plays as von Fagburn dies coughing on the beach, utterly, utterly alone.


  1. You've outdone yourself. LOL as they say in internet parlance.

  2. He really is a tart.

  3. How many sessions have you booked at the beauty salon have you booked?

    P. X