Thursday, 27 June 2013

Gaydar: The World's Sexiest Man

We’ve just finished surveying over 4000 of our members to discover the most fancied male celebrities from the gay male perspective.
In a bid to create the sexiest looking man, members rated celebrity body parts and personality traits from David Beckham’s legs and wealth, to Taylor Lautner’s stomach, Hugh Jackman’s biceps and personality [?], and Zac Efron’s hairstyle.
The results were used to compile how the world’s sexiest man might just look and for a bit of fun we’ve created a  photo-fit-style example of what the world’s sexiest man might just look like using the ‘most liked’ parts from different celebrity men (see below for a preview).
The survey also uncovered some interesting stats on what elements are most important in finding the sexiest man – with sex appeal being voted top [!!!], and smile/eyes coming second.
Dr Frankengaystein will see you now...


  1. I like my men to have eyes too.

  2. Who would have thought sex appeal is what makes someone 'the sexiest man'