Thursday, 6 June 2013

GSN Loves: Fagburn Hates

Oh, if only mere words could describe what a pile of useless stinking ordure you are.
Every illiterate, stupid, banal word you write brings me ever closer to suicide.
Your torrents of endless sentimental gay crap just makes me want to puke.
"Smurfs smurfing for gay equality"?
Well, vacuum cleaner sucks up budgie!
I don't give a fuck about hired killer gay marines or who's high school's "cutest couple".
In every day, in every way you seem to strive to make gay life sound ever more boring, joyless than rain.
Please, for the love of man, close down.


  1. Look, I love your blog but you seem to be getting a bit angry with everything! Regardless keep up the (mostly) good work. x

  2. Endless sentimental gay crap ?! Excuse me for pointing this out but the whole same sex marriage business is based upon sentimental gay crap! It's about luurve and commitment. Really? That's why half of all marriages breakdown and a lot of cohabiting relationships are more devoted than any marriage.

    Marriage is just about providing a legal framework for straights to breed. Because although straight and gay relationships can indeed have much in common, they are not the same.

    I bet I'm the enemy for even pointing this out, ironically, I am not.

    THESE people who print nonsense about smurfs are your enemy. The nice straights -who now they've been kind enough to give the LGBT 'community' marriage- will damned well expect them to give up their partying ways and get married and be all 'normal' just like them-they are your enemy. Oh and don't expect any support about the REAL issues gay people have to deal with like persecution and physical abuse, because those nice media and straights have now done their bit patted themselves on the back and are now sitting in the sun with a nice chilled glass of prosecco and some olives from Waitrose.

    Sentimentality is the road to hell.