Friday, 14 June 2013

Julia Gillard: Strewth!

Julia Gillard has been asked on a Perth radio program whether her live-in partner, Tim Mathieson, is gay.
Controversial talk back radio host Howard Sattler posed the question to the prime minister on Thursday afternoon on the premise of clearing up rumours and things "you hear."
Sattler said to the prime minister he would offer her a chance to clear up ''myths, rumours, snide jokes and innuendo'' during the interview on Perth's 6PR.
"Tim's gay?" Sattler inquired of the prime minister.
"Well that's absurd," Gillard replied.
"But you hear it," Sattler persisted. "He must be gay, he's a hairdresser. It's not me saying it."
"Well, Howard, I don't know whether every silly thing that gets said is going to be repeated to me now, but to all the hairdressers out there, including the men who are listening, I don't think that in life one can look at a whole profession full of different human beings and say gee, we know something about everyone of those human beings," the prime minister said, before adding "it's absurd."

The Guardian.

Today Howard Sattler was sacked by the station.
Whilst I know there is quite a history of sexist, misogynist and personal attacks on Gillard - and the presenter's tone seems sniggeringly homophobic - this seems absurd.
Was Andrew Marr sacked when he asked about Gordon Brown's alleged depression?
Or was Sue Lawley sacked after she asked Gordon Brown if he was gay?
Ah well, another victory for the ban-everything brigade. 

PS Guardian Comment Is Free Open Thread; 'Julia Gillard's hairdressing partner: does your job stereotype you? Julia Gillard was asked if her partner was gay by a radio host. Tell us what job-related assumptions people make about you'


  1. That's what we in the news industry refer to as "a non-denial denial".

  2. The station was homophobic for sacking Howard Sattler over the remark.

    There was more to his question than meets the eye. If Gillard's partner is gay, there's a distinct possibility that Gillard herself is a lesbian, and they're acting as beards for each other.

    Julia Gillard's opposition to gay marriage, which is not based on religious grounds, only tends to confirm the hypothesis.