Saturday, 29 June 2013

London Pride: A Statement From Peter Tatchell

A huge thank you to the tens of thousands of people who came out to support me at London Pride today.
It couldn't have happened without me you.
I don't normally like to talk about myself, but this meant a lot - to me.
Anyway, here's a photo of me I've sent to the media.
Please publish.

PS I bet President Putin will think again after seeing these crappy placards.


  1. Leave Peter Tatchell alone, why don't you?

  2. Peter Tatchell has done an awful lot more for human rights than you have. He's not above criticism, but he's done little to deserve it. Leave him alone and if you must be so spiteful choose another target.

  3. The Peter Tatchell Foundation.
    Is he not part of OutRage anymore, then?
    If I were him, I'd have called it PetraPak, which is a hilarious play on the TetraPak thing that juices and such come in now.
    It's queer, it's your actual humour, it sounds like a gang and it would strike fear into the hearts of homophobes EVERYWHERE!!!!

  4. Those 'crappy' placards might mean a great deal more to the gay people who have to live in Russia. Give them a thought too.

    1. Yeah, I bet they're really touched by what St Peter - servant of empire - has to say.
      Might be an idea to write them in Cyrillic next time if that's the audience.