Tuesday, 25 June 2013

LS Lowry: A Peculiar Gentleman

In 1957 Lowry described the chance meeting which prompted him to paint this emotionally charged portrait of a young man: "The head was done from my recollection of a young man I saw once in a Manchester park - a good while ago. He interested me very much at the time and stayed in my mind in a vague sort of way ever since. He gave me the impression that something had very badly gone wrong in his life tho' he gave no inkling of what it was in a fairly long conversation. He was totally disinterested in anything at all and yet was, to me most interesting - he was a peculiar young gentleman and I would have liked to have come across him again, I am sure I am right about him".

A Young Man (1955).

LS Lowry was a solitary man, who never married etc etc.
Not sure if anything can be read into this, but odd how it seems beyond comment.

LS Lowry And The Painting Of Modern Life opens at Tate Britain tomorrow.


  1. There was a wonderful BBC Radio 4 drama recently about Lowry and his unappreciative mum.


  2. Yes - found it bit clunky at first, but ended up quite Bennett-esque.


  3. Interesting:

  4. Thanks - hadn't seen that.

    Daily Mail readers comment...

    "The drawings look like the next collection for Jean Paul Gaultier."

    "If he was alive now, he could have a second career as Lady Gaga's costume designer!"