Friday, 21 June 2013

National Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall Of Fame: Exciting News!

The National Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall Of Fame has announced its first inductees, Pink Gay Star News can reveal.
The "hall", which doesn't seem to exist beyond a Facebook page and a crap website, has literally set the world of gay sports on fire.
Even though, ironically, the number of out gay sportsmen would fit in a closet.
Initial inductees include:

Some lesbians who play tennis.
Some gays who do diving (the one who's come out).
That black dude who plays basketball (baseball?)
Robbie Rogers.
Gareth "blow to the head" Edwards.

Honorary induction for foxy straight dude selling overpriced underpants to stupid gays: Ben Cohen

Err, that's it.

Tristram Posh-Name commented; "This is totes brill. GSN loves!"
When asked if he thought it was pointless and a complete waste of time, Tris said; "Wibble."

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  1. Surprised they missed the hot twink speed skater who looks a bit like that annoying singer Mika