Thursday, 27 June 2013

Pride London: Fury As Tory Joke Makes Gay Joke

Buffoon Boris Johnson sparked fury at a gay rights event by making a crude joke about same-sex marriage.
Angry guests walked out in disgust after the Tory toff said during his speech: “I’m delighted that as of this autumn any young man will be able to take his chum up the Arsenal... and marry him.”
The London Mayor’s offensive gaffe was slammed by MPs last night as “crass and tasteless”.
Labour MP Chris Bryant said the joke “would be funny from Julian Clary or Christopher Biggins, but from Boris it just sounded nasty and brutish”.
The gag – a reference to plans to legalise same-sex marriage in England and Wales – provoked jeers and some nervous laughter at the Pride of London gala dinner.

Daily Mirror.

Obviously, come the revolution this cunt will be first against the wall, but how dull and divorced from reality would you have to be to get angry about a crap gag about bumsex?
Leading lesbore, Angela Eagle MP, told the Mirror; “His crass and tasteless remarks only serve to undermine all the hard work and progress made by the gay community.”

According to Pink News, Mr Johnson actually said "Up the Areclor".

Mr Johnson jokingly suggested in his speech that they should get married at “the absolutely beautiful ArcelorMittal Orbit.”
He then added to much laughter: “It will be the perfect ceremony, you can take your partner up the …[Arcelor]. I think I can get away with that...”
"The ArcelorMittal Orbit, the structure that towers over the London 2012 Olympics Park will reopen this autumn and will be licensed for weddings and civil partnerships."

Thanks for clearing that up.

PS Gay Star News - never one to avoid turning the most fatuous press release into a story - reports on the London diner selling burgers in a rainbow bun for pride! Astounding.

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