Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday Telegraph: Letters Of The Week

SIR – Peter Oborne (Opinion, June 9) hits the nail firmly on the head when he writes that the Prime Minister ought to stand up for “Conservative values” and spell out the importance of modernisers letting sleeping dogs lie.

Surely, though, the problem is that David Cameron is the moderniser-in-chief of his party. What sleeping dog deserved to be let lie more than gay marriage? There was no ground-swell of public opinion demanding it. Anyone with the slightest understanding of grass-roots Tories knew that it would cause significant dismay.

Yet, despite neither manifesto commitment nor inclusion in the Coalition Agreement, Mr Cameron steamrollered it through parliament with indecent haste, enlisting Labour support in order to offset the opposition within his own party. I fear that any hope of Mr Cameron embracing traditional Conservative values and abandoning “modernisation” is, to say the least, remote.
John Waine
Nuneaton, Warwickshire

SIR – I agree that Conservative radicalism can go too far. But even voters grateful for Michael Gove’s mission to improve our children’s schooling are unlikely to digest the force-feeding of them and us all with the paradox of gay marriage.
Anna Rist

SIR – Iain Martin (Opinion, June 9) asks why top Tories spend so much time placating Nick Clegg. The answer is obvious: David Cameron is a closet liberal. He is happy to promote gay marriage, wants to re-introduce price controls – starting with minimum prices for alcohol – is an enthusiastic hider away of tobacco, and is an interventionist between our GPs and ourselves in the matter of food and our chosen lifestyle. When will he want to enter our bedrooms?
Mr Clegg can make as big a fool of himself as he likes, but not aided by a man who claims to be a Conservative.
Dick Lawrie
March, Cambridgeshire

Sunday Telegraph.
Good points, all well made.

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