Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Sun: Taking The Piss

Full-bloodied fellas would have a hello of a fright if they'd discovered Bar Refaeli like this in a gent's loo.
The stunning Israeli model mimics a man weeing at vacant urinals but it’s unlikely any chap would have been brave enough to unzip next to her.
Leonardo di Caprio's ex, 28, flaunts her legs in the photograph, which she posted on Twitter to throw her support behind sexual equality.
She wrote: “Gay, lesbians, bisexual, transgender ALL EQUAL.”

The Sun.

Now if only I knew who this is and what it means. 

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  1. 'Equal' in what sense? I never get this equal business: it is certainly true that no gay person should be attacked physically or in any other way for being gay. It is certainly true that nobody should be denied employment on account of their sexuality (as long as that sexuality is legal,of course) . It is certainly true that there is no reason why a homosexual couple should not be treated the same as a straight childless one as regards pension rights, inheritance tax etc. But... Equal does not mean the same: it doesn't mean that we shouldn't take into account very real biological differences that exist between the sexes. Men are still men-gay or not- and women are still women. This biological reality cannot be ignored. Guess that's why I'm cynical about the same sex marriage bill: simply put, gay couples do not need EXACT mirroring of heterosexual unions. What, for example, is the point of the inherently heterosexual concepts of adultery and consummation being applied to same sex couples -as it is with marriage? They're only there in law because heterosexuals (usually) procreate. And I mean procreation, too, not adoption. Which I guess they'd have to be in the twisted belief that equality must mean the same. It's just bending over backwards to accommodate the impossible and this picture illustrates this perfectly.

    Will we ever be grown up enough to differentiate between valid discrimination and non-valid discrimination?

    Non-valid=treating homosexual couples same as childless, heterosexual couples when it comes to pensions etc.

    Valid=accepting that homosexuals cannot produce children by the usual means and not seeing the need to apply the exact same rules about heterosexual couples to them.