Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Vicious: You Hit Me With A Flower

Veteran comedian Barry Cryer has hit out at ITV's gay comedy Vicious, labelling it “homophobic”.
Cryer said the comedy, which stars Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as long-term lovers Freddie and Stuart, squandered the enormous potential of the subject matter and the cast.
“A sitcom with two old gays could be really good and moving,” Cryer writes in today’s Radio Times magazine. “With two great actors in Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi it should be fantastic. But it was insult, insult, insult every other line. You don’t believe in them. You don’t like them, for a start. It was positively homophobic! It made John Inman look restrained.”
Vicious ended its run last week and ITV is not expected to commission a second series, according to sources, although a Christmas special is understood to have been filmed and will air. A spokesperson said that no decision has been made over a recommission and declined to respond to Cryer's comments.
An ITV source said that it was a "shame" that he thought this way and pointed out that the Gay Times was a "big supporter of the show".

Radio Times.

Well done the Gay Times.
And that's your actual the Radio Times there.


  1. Never realised Cryer was so pious.

    Actually, Freddie and Stuart actually did a lot to promote same sex marriage: sniping at each other but loving deep down.

    No different from the straights. The whole thing was a public promotion film for same sex marriage (or at least civil partnerships) but the pious equal marriage brigade don't get that.

    I liked it. Sod political correctness.

    1. I loved it. And much of the criticism was either along "it's homophobic" lines or by people who hadn't seen it.
      It got mainly positive comments on twitter, but some bad reviews early on in the mainstream news outlets (not all) and I imagine that had an effect on viewing figures (if indeed they did drop enough for ITV not to want to renew it for a second series).
      Derek Jacobi was on twitter and he mentioned filming a second series in 2014, but his account has been deactivated now so either he was getting a lot of abuse or it wasn't really him.

      Interesting they say it's not getting a second series "according to sources", which is an attribution Fagburn has often criticised as meaning "according to no one".

      We'll see. I hope it gets another series...

  2. It was good fun. As a previous commenter said it was more or less portrayed the same as a heterosexual relationship with both parties at loggerheads, with a warmth behind it. It was a bit shit, but hey at least it tried to portray us in a positive light! X