Friday, 19 July 2013

Breaking: Dead Person Not Actually Arsed If He Gets A Post-Humous Pardon Shock

Alan Turing - who is openly dead and an atheist - spoke from beyond the grave earlier today to tell everyone who'd campaigned to grant him an official pardon they're wasting their time.
"Do these people really think I would care about silly, pointless, tokenistic trivial nonsense like this?", he said, through a clairvoyant.
"Goodness, some people have really misunderstood my entire life and work.
"Oh well, back to trying to fathom the human mind, furthering computer science and fighting fascism, but if some people want to waste everyone's time trying to put yesterday's broken biscuits back together, feel free..."

Update: Pardoning Alan Turing is a pointless exercise - Observer online, Ben Summerskill - a far more radical man than you may realise.


  1. Is there an online petition?

  2. If everyone was as negative as you, gay rights would still be mired somewhere in the 1950's.

    1. There's no apostrophe in "1950s", love.

  3. Don't listen to criticism, Fagburn, you're quite correct.

    This is pure gesture politics; designed to appeal to the emotions whilst taking part in the dark art of what I call pinkwashing i.e. allying to gay rights to hide other sins.

    Why not issue a general apology to gay people -who might actually STILL BE ALIVE-instead? If they're intent on doing something?

  4. Oh, but I do listen to criticism.
    Everyone should.
    Either someone's right, and you change.
    Or they're wrong and it's junk.
    Sometimes you're not sure, so you have to stop and think about "stuff".

  5. OK, sorry, badly put on my part. I think your critics are wrong, that's what I should have said. Obviously, it's up to you whether you listen to criticism or not.

    Just that you happen to be right on this issue and they are wrong. Other times, your critics may be right and you wrong.

  6. brilliant post -first person i have read who stated the bloody obvious - i don't think you are negative just correct ...