Sunday, 14 July 2013

Brian Sewell: Suicide Is Painless

How I'm going to commit suicide by Brian Sewell: A shockingly honest (and beautifully elegant) confession by Britain's most celebrated art critic...

Mail On Sunday.

No comment, but respec' due, older gay dude (who's as bonkers as a bonk full of bonking bonks).

PS Andrew Sullivan recently blogged about wrestling over putting his dog, Dusty, down - which got a zillion times as much response, of course.


  1. A wonderfully brave and honest piece. Well done, Brian.

  2. It's that honesty that made me fall in love with him in the first place, after years of just thinking he was as he seems to be on first encounter.
    I saw him in The Naked Pilgrim - the Ch5 documentary series where he went on a pilgrimage to Santiago and as the film went on he seemed less and less like who I thought he was. He was very engaging about the art and architecture he saw and spoke about but obviously very passionate too; like when he spoke in front of Guernica and showed us a glove that Picasso had given him, at which point he started to cry as he spoke.
    In fact, he got more and more emotional as the series went on and he got closer to Santiago - reminiscing about the times he was there decades before as a young man and what he got up to, but also talking about his relapsed faith and the awe he was beginning to feel again, which he wasn't entirely comfortable with.
    In the final episode in Santiago, at night, he took all his clothes off on the beach and again began to cry as he said this was probably the final time he'd be making such a journey and then he waded into the sea in the nud.
    I thought it was a beautiful and extremely moving series and, as I say, I've loved him ever since.
    Again, this is both brave and honest and that is how I now think of him. A true outsider as well, I think; and inspiring in many ways.