Thursday, 11 July 2013

Cynicism: Isn't It Wonderful?

If there's one thing that makes me cynical, it's optimists. They are just far too cynical about cynicism. If only they could see that cynics can be happy, constructive, even fun to hang out with, they might learn a thing or two.
Perhaps this is because I'm 44, which, according to a new survey, is the age at which cynicism starts to rise. But this survey itself merely illustrates the importance of being cynical. The cynic, after all, is inclined to question people's motives and assume that they are acting self-servingly unless proven otherwise. Which is just as well, as it turns out the "study" in question is just another bit of corporate PR to promote a brand whose pseudo-scientific stunt I won't reward by naming. Once again, cynicism proves its worth as one of our best defences against spin and manipulation...

Julian Baggini, The Guardian.

• Illustration shows Diogenes - original cynic and one of Fagburn's heroes - telling a fawning Alexander The Great; "Get out of my fucking sun!"

A brief history of Western philosophy; Socrates > Plato > Aristotle > Diogenes > Fagburn. Fin.


  1. Yeah, but manufacturing it and making it your entire shtick is a fucking tiresome cunt-move.

    Why aren't you dead yet… I only haunt this site waiting for that last self pitying suicide note. Cynical enough for ya, sweet cheeks?

  2. I'll happily follow any man who has the balls to wank off in the public square to show his disdain for respectability.

    1. I tried wanking off in public once - to make a philosophical point.
      The cops were having none of it.