Thursday, 25 July 2013

Drugs: Boo!

Party drugs linked to alarming rise in HIV amongst gay men
London sees 20 per cent rise in infections as charities call for better sexual health services...
The Independent continues its woeful coverage of gay issues.
Key sentence; "Although some of this year’s increase was attributed to more widespread HIV testing, with the number of tests in London up 17 per cent since 2011, Public Health England said there was “anecdotal evidence from drug and alcohol clinics in London that recreational drug use amongst gay men is a growing issue.”
There's no such thing as "anecdotal evidence" - that's why it's anecdotal, not evidence.
Recently, reportage of gay issues in the media has become more responsible - but clearly you can still get away with writing any old hysterical crap about drugs - like the newspapers' elderly editors actually know what's going on and won't say this is a load of bullshit.
Anyway, we're all going to die if these gravy train HIV charities don't get even more money.

PS Thankfully the pope has also just spoken out about the evil drugs menace. He also thinks people take them cause they're miserable, and not cause they're fun.
Just say no, kids!

Update: The Guardian covers this - again an article with absolutely no evidence, presumably written by another silly posh intern who knows as much about gay culture as Fagburn knows about Chinese opera. Unbelievable.

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