Monday, 15 July 2013

Margaret Thatcher: Gay Icon (Cont.)

Last week, The Daily Telegraph sponsored the Way with Words Literary Festival at Dartington. I took part in a debate about the legacy of Margaret Thatcher. On the whole, I avoid such debates. Now that the first volume of my biography of Lady Thatcher has appeared, I find it more interesting to talk about her as a figure in history rather than to take sides. In the week between her funeral and her death, the nation argued itself silly about whether she had saved or destroyed Britain. Her dignified, moving funeral stilled the shrillness of the debate.

But I was pleased to be at this one. There was a panel of three — the former Labour MP Chris Mullin, the author Damian Barr and I. Mullin is an amusing and clever writer, but it was Barr’s work, Maggie and Me, that interested me for this occasion...

Much of Damian’s difference from his surroundings lies in the fact that he is gay. Indeed, though he tells it so admirably deadpan that you could almost miss it, his sexuality is a major reason why his mother’s repulsive boyfriend, Logan, smashes his teeth in.

Some of his interest in Mrs Thatcher may lie in the fact that, with that big hair, immaculate clothes, patent leather shoes and so on, she is a gay icon...

Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph.
Oh FFS - not again!
I'm pleased that the Thatcher-corpse-rimming homophobic Tory shitbag, Moore, has finally found a gay man he likes.
But just cause some gayer says he likes someone doesn't make them a "gay icon".
Ernst Rohm adored Hitler - does that make Adolf the German Judy Garland?
And young Mr Barr might like to ponder how that queer fixation on a homophobic far right political leader worked out.
Just a thought.

PS LGBTory still like claiming Thatcher was good to the gays cause she voted to decriminalise homosexuality - they always forget to mention so did another leading Tory MP, Enoch Powell.
I guess Enoch must be a gay icon, too.

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  1. Yes they queerest of Young Cons never really appreciate when you explain to them libertarianism over human rights...Ye Gods.