Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Mark Oaten: A Bizarre Act Too Revolting To Describe

His name was once a byword for scandal and for many that would be enough for them to shun any hint of controversy ever again — but not Mark Oaten. The former politician is about to return to the headlines by defending what is, for some, the indefensible.
The 49-year-old former Liberal Democrat MP for Winchester, whose political career imploded in a gay sex scandal seven years ago, is trying to make the fur industry respectable.
As leader of the industry’s international trade body, Mr Oaten is preparing to burst back into the limelight through a high-profile campaign, to begin in October, that will emphasise the economic value of fur. It is the industry’s most aggressive attempt in years to challenge its animal welfare critics.
“This industry has hidden away, scared, making money but afraid to put its head above the parapet,” Mr Oaten, the chief executive of the International Fur Trade Federation, said. “We need to be more transparent, more open and on the front foot, rather than the back foot.”

The Times.
I don't care if you had a threesome with some Polish rent boys - in fact I'm happy for you - but this is shameful.
Fagburn's a vegan and thinks there's a lot of hypocrisy about people's distaste for fur - how's it worse than leather, for example? - but really, what a shit.

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