Monday, 29 July 2013

Pope Francis: Frank Talking

His Holiness The Pope has said something marginally less stupid and offensive about The Gays than popes usually do, Fagburn can exclusively reveal.
“If someone is gay and is looking for the Lord, who am I to judge him? You should not discriminate against or marginalise these people, and the Catechism says this as well," he said.
But he's a religious nutter who believes in the resurrection, exorcism, talking to his invisible friend and miracles and all kinds of bat crazy shit like that.
So who cares what he says about anything, really?
Think we're still all going to burn in hell's eternal fire, though - while his paedo priests go straight to heaven.
That's showbiz!

PS Apparently today is the Catholic church's World Youth Day. Bit awkward...

Update: My wonderful atheist mum has just made me aware of this - how can you live without one?

For more LOLZ see The Onion's take on this.

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  1. long as gays don't 'lobby', whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean. And he also moans about Masonic lobbying too, just to reassure everyone that he is still mainly bonkers.