Sunday, 28 July 2013

Tom Daley: The Ascent Of Man

Tom Daley came sixth in the Barcelona diving thing today.
But plucky Tom had torn a tricep (something in your arm, apparently), so well done for valiantly battling on.
This photo shows our Tom diving before that unfinished Gaudi cathedral in Barc.
Two of my favourite works of your actual art, and perhaps - it might be said - two of the pinnacles of mans' endless struggle to create beauty in an ugly world.

PS Apropos of nothing current top results if you search for images of Tom Daley on Bing: Tom Daley Naked, Tom Daley Gay, Tom Daley Nude, Tom Daley Penis, Tom Daley And Boyfriend...


  1. Testing out the Bing nonce alarm?

  2. [strike]When[/strike] If Mr Daley comes out...I think Fagburn will be a little bit heartbroken.

  3. Wrong apostrophe!

  4. Yes, unfinished Gaudi and Daley in full beautiful dive.
    One of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen..