Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Vodka: Gay Mass Hysteria Grips New York

Vodka has been seen being poured down the drain outside Russia’s consulate in New York this afternoon as another gay bar boycotts Russia’s national drink in protest at the country’s homophobic stance.
Bottles of Stoli were gripped with disdain and emptied by staff from Boxers, a gay sports bar in the city, outside the Russian consulate on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
Around 100 people [sic] took part in Wednesday’s protest.
The bottles of vodka were donated by Boxers, situated on 37 W 20th St, Manhattan, who earlier had confirmed they would no longer be selling Stoli.
“As the largest LGBT seller of Stoli in the region, we feel that this symbolic step is of great importance in showing our solidarity,” said Robert Fluet, co-owner of the Boxers NYC bars...

Pink News.

So someone's boss told their minimum wage slaves to put on a branded company t-shirt for a photo op he then press released to publicise his over-priced bars?
This is how revolutions start!
Reminds me of the CNT's streetfighting in Barcelona in 1936.
Actually, I'm being sarcastic - what this "campaign" reminds me of is the hysterical mass buying of Elton John's Candle In The Wind when Princess Diana died.
ie It's a load of silly bollocks.

PS Tomorrow I will be protesting Russian homophobia by not eating caviar while not doing that silly Cossack dance. If you care as much as I do, please join me.

Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds by Charles Mackay (1841). Edit: Hilarious video of gay mass hysteria in New York on the Telegraph online - whose Russophobia clearly trumps their homophobia.

Update: Here's the VK page where videos of the attacks on young Russian gay men are being posted. I can't verify them, but I find it hard to believe they're not real. Heartbreaking, terrifying stuff - but how anyone can think that not buying Russian (or Latvian) vodka is going to change anything is beyond me...

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  1. Love it that the people in the photo are being described as 'activists'