Sunday, 25 August 2013

Brighton College: Head Boy

A 17-YEAR-OLD is to become the first openly gay head boy of a top British public school.

Will Emery, the son of a banker, was “overwhelmingly” voted in by more than 1,000 pupils and staff at Brighton College, where boarding fees start from £27,000 a year.

This weekend Emery used his new position, which begins next term, to criticise state schools and academies that have been accused of implementing policies that forbid teachers to “promote” or discuss homosexuality.

Richard Cairns, the headmaster of Brighton College, said those aged between 13 and 18 regarded sexuality as a “so-what” issue, although he conceded it was “very unusual” for a private school to appoint a gay head boy. “When I announced that Will would be the next head of school, there was a huge round of applause,” he said.

“He was a very popular choice — the rugby players voted for him along with many others — but I bet if I wrote to the old boys and said our head boy was openly gay, some of them would think it was very strange indeed.”

Emery, who came out to his friends and family when he was 14, said: “I don’t think my sexuality had any impact on my being chosen, but in other periods, when people had to hide their sexuality, it could have been a different story.”

The Sunday Times.

A lovely story and, as Prince would say, a real sign... of the times.
Obviously Fagburn thinks all private schools should be closed down forthwith, but Brighton College is kinda okay, and it's as gay as my bumbum already; it's literally round the corner from Fagburn Mansions, it's most famous former pupil is one of my heroes, the libertarian socialist Edward Carpenter, and the school was last in the news a few years back when the headteacher offered Tom Daley a hand job free place when he was being bullied. 
Sadly our Tom didn't take up the offer, but imagine bumping into young master Daley when he's buying his "tuck" at the Kemptown Co-op...

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