Friday, 16 August 2013

Daily Mail: Godwin's Law Explained

The Daily Mail publishes a bonkers article calling for a boycott; Really, Mr. Putin? Even HITLER suspended Germany's anti-gay laws during the 1936 Olympics, but Russia won't do the same for next year.
Conveniently overlooking how the Daily Mail supported HITLER in 1936.
The Mail appear to have revised their opinions on HITLER as he was "A SECRET GAY!"
In-no-way has this become a licence to write idiotic trash!
The illustration is one of many online that make Putin look like HITLER - in-no-way has this become the most hysterical and debased political discussion of recent times.
This really is the politics of the primary school playground.

Stoli and sympathy, and the new LGBT Sphere: What to do about Russia by Scott Long. Not convinced about his conclusion but as ever his analysis of this western tomfoolery is spot-on.
Reminded me about Dan Savage's last foray into international politics when he said we should support the war against Iraq because... Saddam Hussein was worse than Hitler!
It just gets better for gay neo-imperialist stooges.

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