Friday, 30 August 2013

David Hockney: A Bigger Splash

AN aide to David Hockney was killed in a drugs and booze bender at the world-famous artist’s home — when he guzzled TOILET CLEANER.
Dominic Elliott, 23, downed Knock Out fluid as the painter, 76 — recovering from a mini-stroke — slept upstairs, a coroner heard yesterday. The studio assistant had spent 24 hours getting high with Hockney’s gay former partner on temazepam, pot, cocaine and ecstasy — washed down with whisky and lager...

The Sun.

The papers are loving this tale of gay sex and drugs and death and modern painting, natch.
Oh, the wages of sin etc etc.
The Sun have captioned their photo; "Bender - Dead aide Dominic Elliott".
(Edit see also the Mirror heading a story about Graham Norton's wine with the words "Cheeky little number with rampant fruit").
Stay classy!

Update: The Sunday Telegraph interview the dealer who "discovered" David Hockney. 
I think they may have fallen out...

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