Sunday, 25 August 2013

Liam Fox: Holiday Bromance Rekindled

So why HAS Liam Fox been on holiday with male friend who cost him his job? In return to frontline politics, scandal-hit ex-Minister argues it's because they did nothing wrong in the first place

  • Dr Fox's friendship with businessman Adam Werritty proved costly

  • It led to spectacular tumble from Cabinet Minister to backbench MP

  • Dr Fox and his wife took holiday this year with Mr Werritty and his girlfriend

  • ‘You don’t abandon your friends just because it is convenient' said Dr Fox

Mail On Sunday.

Liam Fox has got a book out about globalisation and important shit like that, and all the Mail goes on about is some silly old tittle-tattle about how Foxy has been on holiday with his BFF Adam Werrity again.
Grow up!

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  1. Look like Fox his suffering from the same height/waist sydrome as Emmon Holmes, i.e. height 5'4"/waist 64" (5'4").