Saturday, 24 August 2013

Nikolai Alekseyev: Fight The Gay Fight In Russia

A Sochi Olympics boycott will only serve those who do not understand that their goal will only further isolate the LGBT community in Russia and make the lives of its representatives living in the country (and not in New York or London) even harder. Or, is this boycott nothing more than cold war nostalgia lead by some who today regret that they ran away from the Soviet Union or Russia? After all, who will the ordinary Russians (who might not be as homophobic as they are portrayed), blame for the disruption of this event? I think you know the answer. Will it make lives better for the millions who will stay? Will it lead to the repeal of the federal law banning gay propaganda? In both cases, definitely not!

From an important essay, Fighting The Gay Fight In Russia by Nikolai Alekseyev.
Still what would Russia's leading gay rights campaigner know about any of this, eh?
Obviously, I don't think Nikolai speaks for all LGBT Russians - nor does he claim to - or that he has all the answers or some magic fix, but far better listen to him than some know-nothing knee-jerk idiot in the West.
Please also read this hilarious piss-take of that publicity-seeking right-wing gay cunt, James Kirchick.
And, if you haven't read it already, What If Chelsea Manning Were Russian? - an excellent piece by Michael Arria on the double standards and hypocrisy of those power-serving patriotic all-American gay boys, James Kirchick and Dan Savage.
Right, think that's probably enough about Russia for today...

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  1. Nikolai's piece is indeed thoutful. But i wish he would stop the 'where was she, when...?' sniping as Masha Gessen. She has children of her own - it's instinct to be alarmed.
    Masha also raises questions for Nikolai and everyone - where were we all, when apart,ent blocks were being blown up in 1999, blamed on Muslims, but with the KGB stamp on them? Where was our alarm when journalists were being bumped off, whistleblowers poisoned, Lawyers beaten to death in jail, democratic process dismantled? I don't agree that we should stay silent about homophobia, but we should have voiced our disgust at Putin's gangster regime (and, yes, the evidence is overwhelming), sooner.